Smoke out the Bacteria

The boys create a new character, a time traveling man from the 30’s obsessed with nicotine and the fact that men were men, women were men, even objects were men. Oh and they find a way to comment on all of our impending dooms, while waxing philosophically about the afterlife.   S3E24: 


The boys traverse an unnerving few topics, from Neo-Nazis to public defecation…Safe to say this episode is a bit graphic. S3E20: 

Illicit Photo Auction

The boys talk more about their new surroundings and ways to lift themselves out of poverty with sanctioned celebrity nude photo auctions, and let’s not forget all that has happened with actual cannibal Shia Leboufe. S3E18: 

The Sealpranos

The boys speculate on the racism found amongst the different breeds of seals, realize just how insane Batman would actually sound if he rode a train in his underwear talking of his exploits, and can’t seem to find an end. S3E5: 

Project Child Origins

Hey all, For those that have listened in the past you’ve heard our good friend Damian King and his partner Robin Deeter come on in the past.  Well they’ve put together their kickstarter for Project Child!  So please help us make a few less peons in Hollywood. Check it out here

Angus McPorkparts

The boys tell the history of larger male actors, lesser known video game franchises, and sausage making as an aphrodisiac. The last one leads them to cast and story board their newest film project. S3E3: 

Rat Ass Palmade

The boys are back harder, better, and stronger than ever. Through the guide of talking about all the new recommendations they have, they explore everything from children murderers to the applications of the backside of a rat. S3E1: 

Jihadi John Cena

The boys take you to history class, starting with how wars will be fought through the WWE, the ideas of dropping AK-47s randomly through time, and finishing on the benefits of being able to throw feces on politicians. S2E39: 

Let’s play Dik-dik

There’s a small creature in the African wilderness called the Dik-dik, the boys and their friend Damian discuss how the Dik-dik will be the true traitor to it’s master and eventually be the downfall of Trump. S2E29: